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Spring Is Here!

Flowers are popping up and days are getting warmer. Use this spring to-do list to help maintain your home. Be sure you try a few of the fun to-dos as well, so you’re sure to enjoy the season’s wonders.
Spring To-Do List
Jump in a rain puddle
          Rake old leaves from lawn, garden, and flower beds
          Clean sticks and branches from lawn
Make a bird feeder
          Plant summer flower bulbs and seeds
          Power wash decks and patios
Buy a new hat
          Clean rain gutters of leaves and other debris
          Inspect roof for missing, loose or damaged shingles
Eat a chocolate bunny
          Check window and door screens; replace or repair
          Clean windows, including sills
Fill a vase with flowers
          Flip mattress and wash mattress pad covers
          Wash outside doors, walls and fixtures
          Replace HVAC filters
Make a strawberry shortcake
          Check smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries
          Shampoo or stem carpet and rugs